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Best Universal Laser Marking in Malaysia

Looking for laser cutting and engraving material? Look no further! Universal Laser offers the latest in laser technology with precise control and excellent results. Whether you’re looking to cut thick or thin materials, our selection of laser materials has the perfect product for your project. So don't wait any longer, get high quality laser material now, at Universal Laser!

System Features

Laminated Safety Glass

Over-temp Alarm (for fire safety)

Multiple Automatic Focusing Modes

Precision Digital Motors

LCD display

Multiple Language Support

Permanently Sealed Bearings

Proportional Pulse Control

Stretch-Free Kevlar® Belts

Laser Features

Laser Fan Control (to reduce noise)

Smart Laser Source Technology

Laser Pointer

Wide Selection of Power Levels

Air-Cooled Laser Source

Patented Permalign™

Patented Cross-Platform Compatibility

Patented Free-Space Gas Slab Laser Design

High Reliability, Excellent Power Stability

Warranty Available Up To 5 Years       

PLS6MW Multi- Wavelength

PLS6MW Multi- Wavelength

PLS6MW Multi-Wavelength

ULS ILS 12.75

ULS ILS 12.75

ULS ILS 12.75

VLS/ULS 3.60 / 4.60 / 6.60

VLS/ULS 3.60 / 4.60 / 6.60

ULS 3.60 / 4.60 / 6.60



VLS 2.30



XLS 10 150D

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