TECNODUE Butt Welding Machine

Butt Welding Machine, Malaysia

Hydraulic operated butt welding machines suitable for PE,PP,PVDF and other thermoplastics pipes and fittings.


The self aligning frame and the compact dimensions make the machines highly suited for working in road constructions, ditches , aqueducts,
gas ducts , sewers and irrigation systems.

The wide range of our successful PT Series  starts from the small PT125 (range from 40 to 125mm) up to the new PT 3130. The complete range can cover your needs within a minimum outside diameter of 40mm up to a maximum outside diameter over 3000mm.
Available for our PT machines some useful accessories like the CSE KIT to control each phase of the welding cycle for the most common welding norm, as well as the new Universal Data Logger to survey and store all the welding cycle data.

Machine produced and duly tested in compliance with regulations in force (UNI 10565 and CE safety rules).

PT Models :

Tecnodue PT 160
Tecnodue Socket Fusio PF63

Tecnodue Socket Fusio PF63

PF Socket Fusion

TECNODUE Butt Welding Machine
TECNODUE Butt Welding Machine PT 355
TECNODUE Welding Mirror TE Series

TECNODUE Welding Mirror TE Series

TE Series Welding Mirror

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