Welding Machine | Equipment & Extrusion Welder Supplier since 2003

Our History

WELDHEAT has a long history, which began with the establishment of Weldy Equipment (M) Sdn Bhd in 1st April 2003 as a trading company dealing with all sorts of Plastics Welding Machines including Automatic Welding Machine, Hand-held Extrusion Welder, Thermoplastics Welding Equipment and Hot Air Equipment. 1 year later, which was in 2004, the Company was formally rename to Weldheat Equipment (M) Sdn Bhd.

In 2005, we were appoint as the Malaysian Sole Agent and Service & Repair Centre of FORSTHOFF GMBH in conjustion with its expansion od plastics welding business and to best serve Forsthoff customers in Malaysia. Forsthoff is a German company of Automatic Welding Machines, Hand-held Welding Torches, Air Heaters and accessories business.

In 2007, the Swiss company BAK Thermoplastic Welding Technology AG, appointed us as the Sole agent of its Thermoplastics Welding Equipment, such as Hand-held Extrusion Welder, Extruders, Heaters and Blowers together with Service & Repair Centre in Malaysia.

In 2008, an Italian Company , ITAL TRADE, appointed us as a Reseller and Service Centre to take care of all TECNODUE butt welding machine customers in Malaysia.

In 2016 Collaborate with Leister Technologies AG, appointed us as a Dealer in Malaysia.

Today, we are well renowed as the supplier of Leister,  Tecnodue and Universal Brand Eg: Automatic Welding Machine, Hand-Held Extrusion Welder, Thermoplastics Welding Equipment and Laser Engraving, various Welding related products in Malaysia.


Why Choose Weldheat Equipment?

We Offer Wide Selection of Products

We supply a broad spectrum of products including Plastics Welding Machine, Hand Held and Automatic Welding Machine, Hand-Held Extrusion Welder, Thermoplastics Welding Equipment, High Pressure Blower, Hot Air Tools, Extrusion Welder, Welding Testing Equipment , Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting, Laser Marking and etc from the industrial leading manufactures and brands around the world.

Our core business included:

  • Automatic Welding Machine for Thermoplastics
  • Hot Air Equipment / Oven Systems
  • Hand Extrusion Welding Machines
  • Thermoplastics Welding Equipment
  • Socket Fusion for Plastic Pipe
  • Butt Welding Machine for Plastic Pipe
  • Thermoplastics Welding Rod
  • Portable High Frequency Spark Tester
  • Vacuum Box & Vacuum Pump
  • HDPE Geo-Membrane
  • Heating Element
  • High Frequency & Ultrasonic Welding
  • Hot Wedge Welder
  • Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting, Laser Marking
  • Weldy

We Assure Our Best Services

We emphasize on value, quality, and service. Quality cannot be over-emphasized anymore. In Weldheat Equipment we do the right thing and do it right repeatedly. Service is the number one priority in Weldheat Equipment. It is a package of various direct supports that we offer to our valuable customers, including prompt & punctual delivery, warranty, easy on-site repair, and strong technical support. And, we do our best to make them happen.


Our Objectives

  • To continue to be a leading company in the Plastics Welding & Hot Air Heating Equipment and Laser Engraving, Laser Marking & Cutting, market, in providing excellent after-sales service and repair of all machines.
  • To supply high quality plastic welding machines and Automatic Welding Machine to the industries.
  • To continue give its best qualities and services to all our customers.


Specialised in Leister Automatic Welding Machine| Leister Hand-Held Extrusion Welder Leister Thermoplastics Welding Equipments & Universal Laser Systems Leister Malaysia, Malaysia Leister, Weldy Products etc .